Healthcare ethics research group

Applications of our research to improving health and wellbeing reach from our cutting edge textile and colour technologies work, to visual communications and experience design.

Professor Stephen Russell and Dr Richard Blackburn worked together on the NIHR funded project Development of a Fully Flushable Ostomy Pouch (2011 – 2013), working towards improving the lives of stoma users, and reducing waste.

Academics in the Visual Communication and Experience Design groups have been tackling the issue of Obesity Prevention through information design: Maria Lonsdale has a body of work on obesity prevention amongst students and Tang Tang, has outputs addressing portion control for young people and children.

Academic research in the health theme 

Dr Richard Blackburn has outputs on chamomile and hyperglycaemia, and on nanofibre assemblies for therapeutic delivery of L-tryptophan (amino acid).

Dr Maria Lonsdale also has led a series of projects on information design for bowel preparation for colonoscopy.

Dr Catherine Stones is working on infographics to assist carers / children about joining medical trials and has a current funded project about ambient communications to improve toilet hygiene habits for children.

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